The mission of Greene Street United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the University community and beyond spreading the joy of Christianity and the love of Jesus by worship, example, study and fellowship for the transformation of the world.


ChurchGreene Street United Methodist Church started in 1855 and became formally constituted in 1879. The brick structure which stands on the corner of Greene Street and Assembly Street was built in 1905, to replace the wooden building, built in 1880’s.   The effects of urban change were felt by the Church in the 1930’s as neighborhood residents began to move to the suburbs. This greatly depleted the congregation of Greene Street Church, which had primarly been a neighborhood church. By 1960 it was clear something had to be done.  An urban renewal project promised to bring life back to the area.  Unfortunately, the fate of the Church was at stake.  The fight to save Greene Street Church finally ended in January 1970, when the Church was removed from the urban renewal project.

Since the Church’s founding Greene Street U.M.C. has found many outlets for its ministry.  For many years the Greene Street fair booth, which provided good food and a wholesome atmosphere, was a large part of the Church.  Not only did it bring in revenues, but it also brought the congregation together.  The booth’s last year was in 1989.  The Church has also found similar projects, such as it s participation in Mayfest as well as an annual pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday.  The Church also has had a fine record of working in various community service activities over the years such as:  The Betty Baxter Circle’s 20 years of ministry to the Mental Health Project, the church’s aid to the methodist-clipart-crossflame_9082744_stdhomless; the United Methodist Women’s support of such orginazations as Killingsworth Home, The Bethelehm center, The Oliver Gospel Mission, The Wallace Family Life Center and The Providence Home; The United Methodist Men’s work with Epworth Children’s Home; The Cooperative Ministy and various projects supported by many of the Sunday School classes.  Greene Street Church has always strived to make our community a better place in which to live.   The members have always tried to offer a pleasant setting for the worship of God for persons of all ages, and we have mad it known that everyone is welcome to come and join us in worship and fellowship.  As we continue to build on our past as well as look to the future in a spirit of love and faith we will move forward in ministry by the grace of God.